First of all,, I would like to apologize for being unable to update the blog Thursday and Friday of last week. I will attempt to make sure this does not recur. A basic rundown of Thursday was that we watched Cosmos, spent a few minutes subsequent to that discussing the episode, and then spent the rest of the period engaging in a Socratic Seminar like experiment as a class. On Friday, we had another Socratic Seminar like experiment, in which we learned about acids and bases by mixing different amounts of hydroxide (a base), and hydrochloride  (an acid) with red cabbage juice. 

Today in class, we watched episode 6 of Cosmos in the beginning of class. We spent some time afterwards discussing it as always. Afterwards, we began learning about stoichiometry. Here are a few pictures of the main things Andrew had written on the board:
Here are pictures of my notes on the topic and notes Andrew wrote for me to help me understand molecular mass:
Tomorrow we will be doing an experiment in class. Andrew announced today that we will no longer be doing units (however this does NOT mean that we will not be receiving work!). Our 6 Flags trip is one week from tomorrow! 

  • (Due Friday) Your happiness pursuits and journals are due!

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