Today we spent the first half of class watching and discussing Cosmos. This episode focused on female scientists, which helped make this episode unique. Andrew then spent the rest of class discussing different ways we could analyze the data from the survey he sent out regarding our happiness pursuits. Here is a link that will direct you to the post on the Happiness Blog on Andrew's DP where he discusses how he expects us to complete the data analysis report (you will need to copy and paste the link):

Instead of making the Redox Lab a requirement, Andrew's going to come up with a number of lab reports he wants us to complete by the end of the semester, which will give us a choice of which reports from which labs we want to do. If you already completed the Redox Lab, you can add this lab to one of the ones you need to turn in, and if you haven't, you do not need to complete it (but you will have to do more later this quarter).

Keep in mind that we do not have school next Friday, May 9th, and Intersession begins two weeks from today on May 12th and will run through Friday, May 16. Our exhibition is on Wednesday, June 4th.

  • Happiness Data Analysis.

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