Today we began class with some project work.
Each table received several post-its which had several happiness related themes written on them. On February 21 (last Friday), Andrew passed the happiness reflections we wrote for his class around to the class (randomly; you didn't receive your own), and we had to identify and select key themes that occurred in each reflection/experience that attributed to the author's happiness. We wrote these themes down on post-its, and the ones Andrew passed back today corresponded to the reflections from the other class. We then sorted these post-its into the six main/broad happiness categories we've identified as a class. These themes are shown in the picture above.

Andrew gave us the remainder of class to finish work. We will begin Unit 5 (or as Andrew put it, "Part 2 of Unit 4") tomorrow.

  • (Due Wednesday) The initial draft of your individual pursuit of happiness. There is a paper describing this assignment that will be posted on Andrew's DP eventually, but if you would like the paper right now, send me an email and I should get back you within 5-30 minutes afterwards. 
  • (Due Friday) The final draft of your individual pursuit of happiness. Don't worry too much about this now. Andrew will go over this in further detail on Wednesday.
  • (Due Friday) Work on Unit 4 (Part 1) assignments. Unit 4's cover sheet, both worksheets, and explanations/criteria for Unit 4's Illustration and Journal Writing assignments are on the February 18th post titled "Unit 4-The Atom."

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