We had open work time for the majority of class today. Andrew began class by asking for any suggestions on how the class should be changed, and one popular suggestion was a catch up week (a week where people could finish any incomplete work from any of the units). The problem with this suggestion is that people who already completed all of their work may have nothing to do. We then came up with different ideas on things they could do to keep themselves busy; one idea was to work on a space related project, and another suggestion was to work on their personal pursuit of happiness project. This quick discussion was then followed by open work time for the rest of class.

  • (Due tomorrow) The final draft of your individual pursuit of happiness. We will work on this in class tomorrow.
  • (Due tomorrow) Unit 4 assignments. Unit 4's cover sheet, both worksheets, and explanations/criteria for Unit 4's Illustration and Journal Writing assignments are on the February 18th post titled "Unit 4-The Atom."
  • (Due next Friday) Unit 5 assignments. The Unit 5 Cover Sheet, Andrew's Unit 5 notes, both Unit 5 worksheets, the Unit 5 Journal Writing, lab criteria for the Flame Lab, and both Crystallization labs + reporting criteria for Crystallization Lab 2 are available in the February 25th post on Andrew's Class Blog on his DP titled "Unit 5."

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