Today we spent the beginning of class finishing the Measurement Lab. We learned how to log our information and measurements into Microsoft Excel and do various calculations on there. We created graphs to show precision (the closeness of measurements to one another), and we calculated the percentage errors of our lab measurements to determine accuracy (closeness to actual value). Here is a picture of my notes on calculating the percentage errors of my measurements.

All the information on how to complete the lab and the lab analysis is available on the Measurement Lab overview, which is on the February 3rd post on Andrew's DP titled "Unit 3-Measurement."

The remainder of class was open time to work.

  • Work on Unit 2 and Unit 3 assignments. (Andrew's notes on measurement are up on his DP in the February 3rd post titled "Unit 3- Measurement." My notes are in the February 3rd post of this blog. If you would like this week's Weekly Planner, the Unit 3 worksheets, and parts 1 & 2 of one of this unit's labs, you can also find these on the post mentioned above.)

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