The first half of class today was spent mostly in discussion with Andrew. He restated what the rest of the week would like and the topics we would be covering, which were:
  1. Wrapping up the section/topic about lab safety. Posters were due today, and we will have a gallery critique in class tomorrow. We will evaluate, critique, and grade each others posters, and depending on how low the grade you receive is, you may need to redo your poster. Make sure to take notes and pay attention to the posters you're going over, because after the gallery critique we will play a Jeopardy game that will test us on our knowledge of lab safety!
  2. Continuing our discussion on defining science. Before we move on to learning the different topics/units of chemistry, Andrew wants to make sure that we have an understanding on what science is, as this is not only a chemistry class, but a science class as well. You can read more about this on the blog on his DP, or previous posts on this one. He explained to us the importance of further investigating what people say, and to not believe everything immediately. For example, he showed us a video of a swing set in which the middle swing was the only one moving out of the three swings on the set. Some people believed this swing to be haunted, but we learned that the real reason this swing was moving was related to something called aeroelastic flutter. 

Andrew gave us the remainder of class to work. 

  • (Due Friday) Post a comment on Andrew's DP and reply to one that is already up. Details regarding what must be in the comment are located in the 01/22/2014 post in the Class Blog, which is under "Resources" on Andrew's DP. 
  • If you have not already finished your poster, finish it by tomorrow so you can have it at the gallery critique.
  • If you have not turned your syllabus into Andrew, turn it in asap.

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