Here's a quick synopsis on what we did in class on Friday (Week 2, Day 4) :
Andrew presented our lab posters to the whole class, and the creator of the poster got to choose where in the classroom they wanted to stick it. After this, we played a Jeopardy game that tested our knowledge on lab safety. We spent the remainder of class wrapping up the topic of "What is science?"

Today, we began our second unit of the semester: Matter

Here are pictures I took of the board:

Here are pictures of the notes I took. They are pretty much copies of what is already written on the board:
We spent the rest of the day going over the assignments for the unit. Those will all be available on Andrew's DP very soon. We received a weekly planner where we can plan how we want to spend our class time each day, and which assignments we want to work on. Mondays of every week will usually be a discussion and introduction to the new topic/unit, but Tuesdays-Fridays will typically be class time to work.

Tomorrow, we will be conducting a lab experiment as a class, so come prepared!

  • Work on assignments for Unit 2.
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Elena, you're doing a great job with the student blog!


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