Today we began Unit 6, which focuses on mono atomic ionic compounds. Here is a picture of the board and a picture of my notes (which is pretty much a copy of what's already written on the board):

What we learned is not necessarily easy, which is why there are plenty of worksheets we can complete for points (15 each) in this unit. Andrew recommends we do this unit's worksheets because they will help us understand the concepts he went over.

We received our weekly planners subsequent to the mini lecture/introduction to mono atomic ionic compounds, and we then had the remainder of class to plan our weeks and begin work. This unit will run through next week, meaning Unit 7 will not be introduced to us until we come back from spring break. This means we will receive about two weeks of work time. This may sound excessive considering most of this unit's assignments are worksheets (which can usually be completed fairly quickly), but keep in mind that:
  • A) We will be taking the CAHSEEs next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will take up the entire morning. We will be doing team building activities in the afternoon.
  • B) Cosmos Mondays!
  • C) If you finish work early, you can spend time planning/doing your personal pursuits and updating your journals.

  • (Due next Friday) Unit 6 assignments. Andrew has not posted a "Unit 6" post on his Class Blog yet, but he should by tomorrow.

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