Today we took the math portion of the CAHSEE, which took up the whole morning. In the afternoon our team went to the park, and we partook in various ice breaker/team building activities. Tomorrow is International Happiness Day, and we will be celebrating this in the afternoon. We will have an hour/hour schedule in the morning (one period of each class) and in the afternoon we will have the choice of whether we want to stay inside and watch movies/relax, or go outside and possibly have a water balloon fight. Tomorrow's Spirit Day theme is Sports Day, which means you may come in comfortable sporting attire like T-shirts, sweatpants, and/or athletic shorts (no Spandex!). 

  • (Due Friday) Unit 6 assignments. If you would like to access this unit's cover sheet, worksheets, lab criteria for this unit's single lab, and/or the common ions reference sheet, go to the March 12th post on Andrew's Class Blog (on his DP) titled "Unit 6- Compounds and Reactions".
  • Make sure you work on your personal pursuits of happiness!

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