We had open work time for all of class today.  There is a new classroom rule regarding cellphones. Andrew believes we have been abusing the current cellphone rules, and has made them stricter. We may only have our phones out if we are going to be taking pictures or videos of anything class related. 

We have a minimum day tomorrow! We will be dismissed from school at 12:25 PM. Here are tomorrow's schedules:

First period- Kolina
Second period- Kay
Third period- Andrew

Black Hairy Pears:
First period- Andrew
Second period- Kolina
Third period- Kay

If you finish all of your unit assignments for Andrew's class you may use class time tomorrow to work on your personal pursuits of happiness.

  • (Due Friday) Unit 5 assignments. The Unit 5 Cover Sheet, Andrew's Unit 5 notes, both Unit 5 worksheets, the Unit 5 Journal Writing, lab criteria for the Flame Lab, and both Crystallization labs + reporting criteria for Crystallization Lab 2 are available in the February 25th post on Andrew's Class Blog on his DP titled "Unit 5." http://alerario.weebly.com/5/post/2014/02/unit-5.html

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