We started off class today by watching a cartoon in which an astronaut traveled to another planet, and even though the planet appeared to be very small, there was a whole world of microscopic life occurring just underneath the surface (or atmosphere). The astronaut's giant footsteps caused chaos and catastrophe on this tiny planet, and when the astronaut was finally going to depart away from the planet in his rocket, the rocket blasted out a shower of fire that burned and destroyed the entire planet. 

Andrew then shared his Exhibition Night plans with us and drew out the organization for the space we're going to be using.  Our plays will take place in the Main Commons and our data analysis exhibitions will be displayed in the Great Room. There will be a table with refreshments in the middle of the Great Room. Andrew said we might distribute fortune cookies whose fortunes are different happiness related conclusions we came up with.

Andrew then spent a little bit of time going over our math homework for Kolina, and then we had open work time for the rest of the day.

  • Work on your personal reflection for your pursuit. 
  • Correct any incomplete work from the units that Andrew passed back.

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