We began class today by doing a routine cleanup of our classroom. Here is a list of the different cleaning stations we had:
We spent the next hour going over our project for the semester and how it involves happiness. We received handouts describing the project, the tasks we are supposed to complete, and a calendar with project due dates and the plans for each day. All this will probably be available on Andrew's DP later. We got open work time the rest of the day.

  • (Due tomorrow) All Unit 2 assignments must be turned in by tomorrow! You have the rest of the semester to turn in your final corrections, but any Unit 2 work turned in after tomorrow for the first time will only receive half credit.
  • (Due Wednesday) Write a reflection on an experience that you feel brings you happiness. A paper further describing this assignment should be posted on Andrew's DP soon. Otherwise, send me an email and I can send you pictures of the paper.
  • (Due two weeks from Friday) All Unit 3 assignments. Andrew's notes on measurement are up on his DP in the February 3rd post titled "Unit 3- Measurement." My notes are in the February 3rd post of this blog. If you would like this week's Weekly Planner, the Unit 3 worksheets, and parts 1 & 2 of one of this unit's labs, you can also find these on the post mentioned above. The density activity reporting criteria can be found on the February 6, 2014 post on his DP.

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