We were given work time for most of class today. Here are pictures of the notes on the white board that will help you complete the worksheets for Unit 4:
Don't forget to let Andrew or Brian Delgado know asap if you are planning on attending the field trip to Sycamore Canyon after school on Friday.

SLCs will be held in two weeks. They won't be mandatory for every student. You'll most likely need to have one if you're failing a class or if Kay and Andrew are concerned about you as a student.

  • (Due tomorrow) Write a reflection on an experience that you feel brings you happiness. The paper describing the assignment is available for download on Andrew's DP. To access this paper, go to the Projects tab on his DP, scroll over "Personal Pursuit of Happiness", click "Project Blog", and the paper will be attached to the February 13th post titled "Our Project Launch!".
  • (Due next Friday) Work on Unit 4 assignments. This week's cover sheet, both worksheets, and explanations/criteria for this week's Illustration and Journal Writing assignments are on the February 18th post titled "Unit 4-The Atom."
  • (Due this Friday) Work on Unit 3 assignments. Andrew's notes on measurement are up on his DP in the February 3rd post titled "Unit 3- Measurement." If you would like this week's Weekly Planner, the Unit 3 worksheets, and parts 1 & 2 of one of this unit's labs, you can also find these on the post mentioned above.  My notes are in the February 3rd post of this blog. The density activity reporting criteria can be found on the February 6, 2014 post on his DP.

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