Today Andrew introduced Unit 5 to us, which focuses on the Periodic Table of Elements and ions. Here are pictures of the board:
Here are pictures of my notes:
Andrew has provided his own notes on the subject which are available on his DP, as well as two worksheets that can help us understand these concepts. I won't go through every detail of the lesson since that would be a waste of time, but feel free to seek out Andrew or myself if you have any specific questions on the topic and we can try to explain it to you in a way that you personally can understand. Feel free to send me an email as well.

We received new Weekly Planners today.

  • (Due tomorrow) The initial draft of your individual pursuit of happiness. There is a paper describing this assignment that will be posted on Andrew's DP eventually, but if you would like the paper right now, send me an email and I should get back you within 5-30 minutes afterwards. 
  • (Due Friday) The final draft of your individual pursuit of happiness. Don't worry too much about this now. Andrew will go over this in further detail on Wednesday.
  • (Due Friday) Work on Unit 4 (Part 1) assignments. Unit 4's cover sheet, both worksheets, and explanations/criteria for Unit 4's Illustration and Journal Writing assignments are on the February 18th post titled "Unit 4-The Atom."
  • (Due next Friday) Unit 5 assignments. The Unit 5 Cover Sheet, Andrew's Unit 5 notes, both Unit 5 worksheets, the Unit 5 Journal Writing, and two of the labs + the reporting for each of those labs are available in the February 25th post on Andrew's Class Blog on his DP titled "Unit 5."

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