Today Andrew began class by going over the Pursuit Journal, which is a journal we will be keeping to document our experiences as we engage in our pursuits. If you would like to access the paper that describes this assignment, go to Andrew's DP, hover over "Projects" in the Table of Contents on the left side of his DP, hover over "Pursuit of Happiness" and then click on Project Blog. The assignment will be found in the February 28 post titled "Reflecting on your Pursuit". If you have any questions regarding the assignment, feel free to shoot me an email at and I will attempt to assist you and answer your questions.

Andrew gave us open work time for the remainder of class. He also called people up throughout the period to meet with them about their personal pursuit proposals and to either approve or disapprove them.

  • (Due next Friday) Unit 5 assignments. The Unit 5 Cover Sheet, Andrew's Unit 5 notes, both Unit 5 worksheets, the Unit 5 Journal Writing, lab criteria for the Flame Lab, and both Crystallization labs + reporting criteria for Crystallization Lab 2 are available in the February 25th post on Andrew's Class Blog on his DP titled "Unit 5."

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