Welcome back to school Flewelling/Lerario team! Today in chemistry, Andrew gave us an introduction of what this semester will look like. Here are a few key points from the talk:

  • You may not wear hats in class.
  • You may not text in class (however, you are allowed to use your phones for other purposes such as calculators).
  • You may not listen to music.
  • Leave your backpacks in the cubbies by the door.

If as a class you are able to show Andrew that you are mature and worthy of some independence, he might reward you by giving you privileges such as letting you listen to music. However, Andrew can take privileges away just as quickly as he gave them to you, so make sure you're on your best behavior at all time and don't abuse your rights!

Grading system:
The grading system in Andrew's class is alike Kay's but differs in the sense that instead of turning in work weekly, you turn it in by unit (which focuses on a certain theme in chemistry, such as atoms). You need a certain amount of points to pass each unit, and you'll be offered different assignments to complete, worth a different amount of points each. Altogether, all the assignments add up to more points than needed to pass the unit, so you can choose which assignments you would like to complete. Extra credit will not be awarded for doing additional assignments/work.

Class time:
Class will usually begin with Andrew talking to the class. The rest of the class is typically work time, and you will be provided with a weekly planner/progress report in the beginning of the week so you can plan out/manage your work time to ensure you get as much work completed in class as possible. At the end of class, we will come back together and briefly reflect on how the day went.

Every time someone gets accepted to a college, a gong will go off in Chris White's office, which is on the other side of the wall. So if you hear a gong going off don't be surprised, it's coming from Chris' office. The staff kitchen is also on the other side of the wall, and the smells from there will ventilate into our room on occasion. This means that if there's ever a peculiar scent/stink in our classroom, there's a possibility that it came from the staff kitchen. In this situation, Andrew will turn on the fume hood to air the stink out.

Today in class, we discussed the following question:

What is science?
  • Why did we create it?
  • What is its purpose?

Some answers we came up with were:
  • Adjusting/investigating curiosities.
  • Understanding - pursuing truth.
  • Defining things.

  • (Due Thursday) Bring in your syllabus signed.
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